Reimold, better than Wieters?


Reimold has been one of the greatest prospects to come out of the Orioles farm system, yet hasn’t been noticed by anyone. So, today that is why I am posting this article.


 As Nolan Reimold has been hiding under the shadows, he has been hitting the long ball like no tomorrow. He has 9, yes 9 home runs in 123 at bats, not to mention he also has 17 runs, and 20 runs batted in (RBI). Compared to Matt Wieters 2 home runs, 6 runs batted in, and 8 runs. In my opinion, Reimold should be the one getting the attention, not Matt Wieters, self proclaimed “switch hitting version of Joe Mauer”. If I were the Orioles, I would give Reimold the starting LF job and keep Jones in CF and Markakis in RF. Maybe in the future Reimold could bring the city of Baltimore out of the shadows and into the heavens….


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