Fantasy and the Orioles

Fantasy%20Baseball.gifThe Baltimore Orioles have some great fantasy players. Only if they could play together as a team, and had good pitching… Wow, what a team that would be! Brian Roberts is among the best second basemen in fantasy. He is #3 behind Ian Kinsler, and Aaron Hill. Brian Roberts has 281 points. I don’t know where they are in the mix, but Nick Markakis has 263 points, and Adam Jones has 264! That is amazing. And I almost forgot that Aubrey Huff is right behind them with 233 points. So there you have it…. I f the Orioles would just play together than they would be an amazing team!


Now I know the picture says fantasy baseball 2008 so don’t make fun… haha.

My team that I have is 9-3 and we are number one in the division. Here is my team


C Matt Wieters

1B Lance Berkman

2B Brian Roberts

3B Aubrey Huff

SS Ryan Theriot

OF Andre Ethier

OF Matt Kemp

OF Ryan Braun

DH Aaron Hill

P Minnesota Twins.


You like it? 🙂 thanks for your time please comment!


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