Izturis coming back?

400-CesarIzturis2009_standalone_prod_affiliate_79.jpgCesar Izturis is greatly improving, sources told ESPN. Izturis is likely to return in around three weeks, given he stays healthy and he keeps rehabbing. Izturis hasn’t played since June 3, and said he has made a ton of progress since the last time he was spoken to.

Izturis was jogging, sprinting, and took many practice swings in the batting cages. Izturis quoted, “I am feeling greatly stronger, and today was a good day for me.”

Robert Andino, 42 games, .246 average in 118 AB’s, is filling in for the injured Izturis. “He is doing way better than we expected of him,” says Trembley, “He has definitely filled a big spot that we couldn’t lose.”

Izturis thinks that in a week or so he will be able to play some minor league ball with a local affiliate. One thing is for sure, he wants to hit the field as quickly as he can! Izturis told sources he will start fielding on Tuesday to see where they, (Izturis) is at. Izturis wants to be able to swing as hard as he can, and be able to throw well from the hole before he comes back.

Manager Dave Trembley also added that Izturis will be accompanying the O’s on their upcoming road trip. Trembley also says that he thinks Izturis will start rehabing during the All Star break. It will be hard but Izturis is ready to take on the challenge.

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