Vote O’s! Trades? Oh no……

C’mon people out there. We need you all to vote for the Orioles duo, (Markakis and Jones) to get into the All Star Game. They are almost the same in every category, and in fantasy they are one point apart. So why not vote Orange? Brian Roberts needs a push too, but he will most likely not get it due to the fact Pedroia is all publicity now…. So we need all of you to get at least one, yes one O in the All Star Game (ASG).

Brian Roberts is way out of the AL 2B balloting. I don’t even know how because his numbers, (25) doubles, 7 HR, 15 SB, 84 hits, are way better than Pedroia who is out in front, (21) doubles, 2 HR, 13 SB, 85 hits. So why would people vote for Pedroia? Because he is on the Boston Red Sox, in my opinion the best team in baseball. Put Roberts on the Sox, and he is in the All Star Game every year. It is just silly that Pedroia is doing better than Roberts, and the fact that no Baltimore Orioles are going to go to the ASG. I have been an Orioles fan for 5 years, and all have been very frustrating, but not as much as this. Cmon O’s fans wherever you are, I have done my part. You just need to help out too!


I have also heard rumors about trading Brian Roberts away. Now why in the world would the Baltimore Orioles do that after he signed his long term 4 year 40 mil $ contract? They wouldn’t, so rumors, don’t listen to them. It is all nonsense trying to get a little publicity. The O’s wouldn’t trade Roberts right now anyway. They would be terrible. Here would be the O’s without Brian Roberts.

1. Adam Jones CF

2. Melvin Mora 3B

3. Nick Markakis RF

4. Matt Wieters. C

5. Aubrey Huff  DH

6. Nolan Reimold in LF

7. Ty Wiggington at 1B

8. Cesar Izturis at SS

9. Robert Andino at 2B


That would not be a very good lineup would u agree?

So Roberts being traded? Not happening…. thanks for your time.



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