Angry O’s fan!

In the early part of the season, I was feeling,















Now with the O’s playing like this I am feeling,









I mean, C’mon, I was going crazy after the O’s outscored the Sox 10-1 in the 7th and 8th innings of the game Tuesday night and pulled off the biggest comeback in O’s history.

Wednesday night followed with the O’s  bullpen giving up the lead to the Sox and losing the game in extra innings. Wow! That was a punch to the stomach.


Well in other news, the O’s offense did pretty well scoring five runs early against the Sox but they couldn’t keep the pace, and stopped scoring.



Wow, what more to say. Well George Sherrill did something he hasn’t done for a long long time last night. He gave up a run. He was the one who started the whole bullpen collapse as the O’s bullpen gave up five runs in the ninth inning last night.


panic%20button.jpg                                                                 That is all for me, until next time, probably soon. And please comment. All you O’s fans out there, you know how painful it is….. Comment all you want on this and I will reply. Thanks, and until next time… Go O’s!



  1. usedandabusedoriolesfan

    oriolesfan, I love your passion. I’ve been a diehard Orioles fan since 1972, but within the last 2 1/2 decades I’ve learned to maintain a pokerface from start to finish despite the excruciating pain of constant futility. Is it me or is Dave Trembley the longest-serving INTERIM manager in baseball history?

  2. orangebirds

    Hey, thanks for commenting uncle oriole, and me too. I have been an O’s fan since I was six years old. Wow, Trembley… Don’t get me started on him, he makes me so angry, and I think he checked out my blog. Cuz I said put Reimold in and the next day…. Reimold was in. Haha. Hey I will check out your blog and comment.


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