Complete O’s rant, (Covering the O’s head to toe)


                                               Here are the reason’s for one                                          



                                                        To be in the     



Reason #1-  The Orioles already have had a bad season, why not put an Oriole in the ASG?  



Reason #2-  It would make the season alot better for some of the worthy O’s fans who are in need of some good baseball.













Reason #3- The O’s have some great players this year like Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, and Brian Roberts that probably won’t play in the ASG do to the O’s not being good as a team.


The O’s really need to start playing better. This year has been heartbreaking since all of the hype at the beginning of the year. The rotation was supposed to be good, the O’s offense was supposed to be potent. But then, another dissapointing season. It really hurts though, because I haven’t come across a decent O’s team in awhile.


The O’s, oh man. They are such a trainwreck I don’t know what to say? I am so confused. The offense will have two good nights and then you will start to believe they are on their way again…. until they slump again, and again.


I feel bad for manager Dave Trembley because he is trying his hardest with the shakiest club in baseball.

My advice is stick with it, and keep at it. It is the only thing that he can possibly do. The rest is left to the orioles. With Melvin Mora coming back tonight, the O’s offense will look to refresh itself back to good. Mora took a day off yesterday because he felt that he needed some time to regroup as he is at forty three straight games with out leaving the yard. His personal best…. or worst. I am just downright baffled right now. Melvin Mora has been moved to seventh in the O’s batting order, (MASN claims).  Hernandez is pitching tonight, as he tries to follow up a decent outing last time out. Tonights’ game is at 10:05 in LA with the O’s facing Ervin Santana, who is having one of the worst starts, if not the worst, in his career.


I will tell you, it is hard to watch. Day after day, the O’s are struggling more and more. The thing that caught my eye though, is that the O’s are scoring in bunches, yes bunches. Like either two or more runs in an inning or one or more runs in back to back innings. I know it isn’t consistant, but it is a start. Brian Roberts is getting there, and Nick Markakis is starting to go yard. Jones is healing also as he continues to get back to early season form.

As I said in my other post, Nolan Reimold won AL Rookie of the Month Award, A HUGE PRESTEGIOUS AWARD! What a player he is, as he busted out of the gates in triple-a ball early on this year and got the call up. After a few series’ Dave Trembley, made his best move in my opinion giving Reimold the starting LF role.

Also, Matt Wieters is feeling more and more comfortable up at the plate as last night he went 1-3 with one RBI, bumping his average up to .250 or basically saying he gets a hit one out of four times on average.

Luke Scott has been on a mean streak mashing his sixteenth homer yesterday evening, (solo shot) and making it two home runs in two games and an RBI in three straight, while being on a four game hit streak. He is the spark to this down and out O’s offense. Luke Scott is hitting .298 on the year with 16 HR’s and 41 RBI.

Other O’s news is Bowie pitcher Brian Matusz pitched a complete game shutout with Bowie beating Akron 3-0. Matusz has allowed two runs on ten hits in his last 18 1/3 innings. If the O’s pitching continues to struggle, look for Matusz to be pitching in the majors in the next two to three weeks.

Here is a stat for you… 32 straight Orioles hitters had been retired from Wednesday night to Thursday nights’ game, until Robert Andino singled off of John Lackey in the third inning on Thursday. The top four O’s hitters Roberts, Jones, Markakis, and Huff went 1-16 against the Angels on Thursday, which is not a good sign at all for the top of the lineup.

The O’s are looking at 16 year old shortstop Miguel Angel Sano out of the Dominican Republic. He is one of the top internationally rated free agents, as the O’s haven’t made an offer to the youngster YET, but are looking to in the next few days. If the O’s don’t grab him, the Pirates and Twins are after him too.

That is it for my O’s rant, thanks for all of your time, I put my heart into this one.

                                – Oriolesfan.


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    Well since each team HAS to be represented I would think Markakis would get it. They may not do great this season but they really are going in the right direction. Unlike a lot of other teams not seeing success the Orioles look great for the future with a strong outfield as well as some young arms.

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