Wake up O’s!

The Orioles offense was blistering Thursday night scoring two runs against the Angles. One off of Matt Wieters RBI single, and another off of Luke Scott’s 16 HR of the year.


On the other side, Jeremy Guthrie pitched pretty well except for giving up two HR’s to Bobby Abreu, a solo shot in the fourth, and a three run shot in the fifth.











C’mon O’s wake up! You got to get the offense going. The pitching is getting there. You just have got to get the wheels turning! We are almost there.


In other news, Melvin Mora asked for a day off yesterday night as his homerless games streak is at 43. I think he is down and out right now. He needs to just go back to the basics… He needs to see the ball better and pick better pitches to hit.


With Uehara out, the O’s want to possibly bring up prospect Chris Tillman who is currently playing in the triple-a international all star game. 


Luke Scott is on a role now, bumping his HR total up to 16 now. He is leading the team in HR’s. Maybe if all the Orioles would just hit like him, they would win a few games?


340x.jpg                                                          Well what more can I say, Brian Roberts looks like he is still slumping as he looks like he is throwing the towel in. Roberts went 0-4 last night, and watched a fastball in an 0-2 count go right down the middle for strike three.

The 09′ All Star Game selection show is today at 1 on TBS, as the American and National League All Stars will be announced.


I hope Adam Jones and Nick Markakis are in! They deserve it. I mean, I wanna see one thing this year that makes me happy! Please let Markakis and Jones be in the All Star Game.



                             The pitching matchups and preview for tonights game against the Halo’s is David Hernandez (1-2, 4.19) vs. Ervin Santana (1-3, 7.47). Santana couldn’t make it through the fifth inning his last outing, so if the offense gets going, then the O’s can go nuts and score a bunch of runs early. Hernandez has pitched well going into the sixth in all of his  last three outings and has only given up three or less runs in each of those outings. I think that the O’s should take a W in tonights game as everything is in their favor.

                       Until next time, Go O’s!


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