Magic Dice know the answers

With the O’s depressing loss last night, I brought in the magic dice to answer some key O’s questions.















Will the O’s continue their sturuggles? Most likely, yes 

Can Luke Scott keep on hitting? Signs point to yes

Will the O’s pitching be consistant? Better not tell you now

Will Adam Jones make it to the All-Star Game?  Chances are not good  

Will Brad Bergesen continue to pitch well? Yes

Will Dave Trembley make it through the year as O’s manager? Very doubtful 

Will the O’s keep up their home record? Ask me again later  

Can the O’s go on a win streak? Don’t count on it

Will the O’s continue to give games away? Outlook good

Can the O’s turn it around? Reply hazy, try again    

Can Nolan Reimold keep hitting? You may rely on it

Can the O’s stay out of the cellar? Signs point to yes

Will the O’s make any big trades? Don’t count on it

Will Brian Matusz be in the MLB this year? It is decidedly so

Can Nick Markakis hit the long ball? Without a doubt

Can Adam Jones return to his early season self? Concentrate and ask again

Will Brian Roberts go on a hot streak? As I see it, yes                            

Will the O’s have a different rotation in a month? Yes- definetely

Can the O’s win 75? Don’t count on it







Those were all of my questions that I needed answered about the O’s. With their dissapointing loss last night against the Angels I don’t know what to believe about the O’s now? The O’s gave up 11 runs un-answered as a mental error costed them the game. Now, they play one more against the Halo’s today at 3:35 with Rich Hill (3-2, 7.08) going against Joe Saunders (8-5, 4.24). Make sure you tune in to watch the game. Until next time…. GO O’s!





  1. gregemb

    Those are the answers to the Magic 8 Ball, not some dice, and you ripped off my Blog of June 8th. Be original!!

  2. stevg95

    Good Question and Answer post….Yeah, the chances of an O making the All Star Game aren’t too high. It’s a shame because the All Star Game has basically turned into a popularity contest… With big clubs like the Yankees and Red Sox getting huge amounts of votes…But anyways, nice blog….you can tell ur a devoted Orioles Fan……Hit me up at…

  3. gregemb

    ” Dude”,
    I suggest you look up the word “plagiarism” in the dictionary. Just because you change it from the 8 Ball to dice ( which makes no sense, how can you get those answers from dice?), and switch a few words around, doesn’t mean you didn’t copy my original post. I suggest in the future you come up with blog ideas on your own, like everyone else who posts on this site.

  4. raysfanboy

    Really enjoyed the post.

    I really felt that Jones deserved his All-Star nod, though I think that Markakis and Roberts merited consideration too. I am a big fan of each of those guys.

    The division might be out of reach, but don’t push the panic button yet. The O’s are still quite relevent!

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