Sorry Orange Crush

 I would like to say sorry to Orange Crush about the whole Magic Dice thing. I saw his Magic Eight Ball, and I thought I would make a Magic Dice. I am being a man about it and standing up and saying sorry. I AM SORRY ORANGE CRUSH!                                                                                                                          









  1. carolmwl

    Heh. Magic Dice, huh? =) That’s good.

    I went to a ball game at Citizens Bank Park – went with a bunch of Orioles fans, actually – and let me tell you, they about knocked me off my little tiny ledge ‘way up by our seats in the nosebleed, highest section. Why? “cause when we were all happily singing the National Anthem, your fellow Orioles fans suddenly hollered OOOOOO someplace in the song.

    They said afterward that it is a tradition at Camden Yard.

    Oh. Well, all I can say is that I was glad I had my Phillies hat on – for proper team affiliation – ’cause there were some big bruisers sitting near us up there in that nosebleed section. =)

    I like your dice.

    Carol How ‘Bout Those Phils?

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