You can’t spell O’s with out the O!

When you spell O’s, you can’t spell it without the O. The O’s did just that as they were shut out last night by no-name Brett Cecil pitched a heck of a game and he had his cutter working not to mention his 94-96 MPH fastball. The O’s had multiple times to score, once in the second, when they had bases loaded no outs, and once in the seventh with first and second one out. Cecil went 6 strong, yeilding 5 hits that the O’s got and got the W, while Jason Berken 5 2/3 innings with 2 earned runs pitched a heckuva game too. It was mostly a pitchers duel as there was a total of 11 hits. The O’s had five of them. Boo!









That is how Golem feels here in this picture, he is saying lets go O’s you suck! Hey, at least the O’s didn’t go down as hard as the Padres. Ouch! Jonathan Sanchez threw a no hitter against them, as they couldn’t even barely get on base! The only runner came on a Juan Uribe error, and if Uribe wouldn’t have made that error, it would have been a perfect game. C’mon dude, show some man love! Help your pitcher out. Sanchez ranks up there among pitchers with the lowest number of wins to ever throw a no hitter. Sanchez (2-8) in his career before throwing the no-no hopes this will get him on a roll. The cool thing about throwing the no-no, was Sanchez’ dad was there to see him play, and he witnessed the whole thing. After they both shared hugs and a few tears as it was a field of dreams moment. Congrats to Jonathan Sanchez and a hello to the Padres.


















Good luck to Sanchez in the future with pitching! He deserves a pat on the back. Back to the O’s now. The O’s have been shut out six times this year, which has led to the downfall of the offense. Here at Birdland, I have found a funny topic to talk about.

Birdland’s thought of the day:

The Birdland thought of the day is, although the O’s stopped Scott Rolen’s hit streak, and didn’t have to face Roy Halladay, and didn’t give up more than two runs, the O’s still lost because the offense shattered under Cecil’s gem.

Many things represent the O’s like    











Cheerio’s! Now the official breakfast cereal of the Baltimore Orioles because the O’s put so many zero’s on the board last game. All of those Cheerio’s represent the amount of zero’s on the year the O’s put up.








You didn’t think San DiegO was going to be left out did you? San DiegO (emphasis on the O) represents how many hits and runs they had combined last night. Sanchez just shut them down, including only letting one baserunner on because of Uribe’s error. Sorry Unfinished Business but the Pads are in the cellar, and look to hide there for awhile!

















Yes Yankee fans, A-Rod or self proclaimed A-Roid is on my O’s list because the O in A-Roid, stands for 0 commen sense!! How in the world do you expect to go from being a .330 30 steal player to a 50 HR .290 120 RBI hitter in a few years and expect not to get caught. Let’s just try and keep up the good work okay A-Roid? Just try to keep going yard.











Last but definetely not least, is Spongebob on the O’s list. He is on here because he has so many holes, just like the O’s offense. I am sorry but it is true, the O’s can’t go three straight games with their offense in tact. We gotta get this show on the road boys. You better start now! Thanks for all of your time everybody, I will post again soon, please comment!




  1. thepitchersduel

    And now the O’s have to deal with Ricky RomerO, see what I did there. Beware though, because Romero has outstanding stuff. Fastball, slider, and change-up will all be featured by him. Good luck to Rich Hill in lowering that massive ERA over 7.

  2. orangebirds

    thanks for all of the support and thanks for checking my blog out, I wanna be the top O’s blog on here so I hope that comes true,
    Thanks for supporting the blog too. I will be checking out your blog all of the time! KEep commenting please

  3. bryanv21

    Nice work, and thanks for the comment on my own blog. I really liked the intro to the Jays series, but figured I’d comment here since it’s the newest post. You can get all that information at a number of different blogs (not sure how my Oriole blogs there actually are, as there seem to be dozens of Yankee ones), so it’s great to read some humor and personal touches in there.

  4. orangebirds

    Hook Line Drive… and BryanV21,
    I would also like to thank you also because you too both also are the best bloggers here on please keep commenting and keep posting as I will be on your blogs to comment! by the way Bryan, what was your blogs name again? sory

  5. zyzzyva98

    I don’t know why anyone would count the O’s in a post, it seems like that would take a while, but if Alex forgot the title, it was 233 times. I’m sure you were wondering about that. Great post, but since you included a picture of Spongebob under a picture some guy who’s not exactly A-Roid pretty close, that’s to be expected.



  6. soxofboston

    Wow, that was so funny, Hey I counted 234 O’s in the post. Sorry, is anyone else here that can justify how many o’s there are in the post?

  7. thekfny28

    I liked it. I think you could’ve done better on the A-R(O)d part. Alex always had power. Granted, it got better during the steroid years, but he always had power, even before the steroids. You could’ve done better if you said Sammy S(O)sa: He went from hitting 10 homers and stealing 33 bases as a .200 hitter with the White Sox to becoming one of the most bizzarely dangerous sluggers in the game.

    And the title should’ve been O NO! XP

    -EJ the Kid From New York

  8. contractyear

    Hey, Birdland,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I really appreciate it. I can see you are a real fan of the O’s. I love teams whose nicknames are one letter, like my A’s. I beg to differe with dillonm, A is the most important letter in the alphabet: It’s first, it’s a word as well as a letter, it’s probably the most used letter in the alphabet, and, last but not least, it represents the Oakland A’s. Best of luck to the O’s, except when they play Oakand. Bee
    Bee Hylinski, author: Contract Year, a baseball novel to be putlished soon.

  9. crzblue2

    Birdland, or should I call you O’s.
    Very entertaining post. I was reading and saying uh oh, is he going to bring up one of my Dodgers? Glad you did not.
    Go Doyers! That is the hispanic interpretation of Dodgers!

  10. orangebirds

    Kid from New York,
    thanks for commenting, and sorry I had to rip on Aroid. Next time I will rip on someone else. thanks
    thanks for commenting on birdland and thanks for all of the support. I love your blog, and I will be on it all of the time. KEep posting as well.
    We stopped Romero. Melvin Mora got a walk off home run and the O’s won! Yippee! haha. comment again!

  11. orangebirds

    Thanks so much for commenting, but when I try to comment on your page, my computer ALWAYS freezes. I hope you understand….
    I totally agree with you, I love one word teams, but I gotta admit the letter A is the best. Keep on posting
    Friar Faithful,
    no prob checking out your blog. Keep on posting and you will get all kinds of comments! Thanks again
    I don’t know what your url is therefore I can’t get on your page and comment. If you comment again and leave your url, I will be sure to get on your blog and comment.
    thanks so much for commenting,
    and how could I rip on the Dodgers? Keep on posting, and commenting! 🙂
    Thanks everyone…

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