Bartender, Jack! Walk-off style…

The O’s were tied three three in the bottom of the 12th inning and Melvin Mora came up to bat. You could see in his eyes, that he wanted to end the game. Melvin got a hanger and jacked it into the right centerfield bleachers to end the game. The funny part, was when he came to home plate, he slid in instead of jumping on home plate or any other of those regular routines. I gotta give you a pat on the back Melvin.


Melvin Mora, was in one of the biggest slumps of his career going 50 games without going yard, until he hit a big time home run yesterday night against the Jays. So, in your face Ricky Romero! How does a No decision feel?


Birdland’s thoughts:

  • Tonight will see Brad Bergesen, who turned in another quality start last outing against Marc Rzepczynski who’s name I can’t pronounce. Rzepczynski went six strong giving up one earned so the O’s need to jump on him in the early goings and make him breakdown.

  • Luke Scott is now at 11 games in his hit streak, as he leads the O’s in home runs (18) and is hitting .357 (15-42) during his streak.

  • The O’s have lost twelve series’ as well as won twelve series’ in the first half of the year along with splitting four of them.

Birdland’s thought of the day

Melvin Mora just snapped a 50 game homerless streak in which he went 189 at bats before he hit the walk off shot last night. Mora, who has 5 HR on the year, could turn the season around starting now. Other things that remind me of Melvin Mora,










Kirk Gibson, in when he hit his walk off HR against the A’s in the 88′ world series as he had both knees injured and had the flu. It was one of the most memorable moments in baseball history but it reminds me of Melvin because they were both so old when they hit HR’s.













50 cent because he is worth 50 Cents and Melvin Mora is too. Haha Just kidding, Melvin Mora went 50 games without hitting a homer so that is how I tie these two together.

Uncle Rico.jpg















I hope you have all seen Napoleon Dynamite! Uncle Rico is one of the funniest characters in the movie, and he and Napoleon fight all of the time. The connection I get, is Rico is a conman and he goes around in the movie selling 50 piece sets. Melvin Mora again ended his 50 game a piece home run drought.












This one isn’t meant to be funny! RIP Michael Jackson died at age 50 of a heart attack, but there could have been another cause of his death. We lost an icon, and nobody ever cared about Michael Jackson for the past 5 years until he died, and everybody went down with him. That is so sad that people treated Michael so badly, all he wanted to do was to be a normal person but he never was excepted. That is how I tie him in with Melvin Mora.















Mickey Mantle ties into the Melvin Mora 50 game home run streak because of Mickey’s 50+ game hit streak. Mantle will probably always have that streak. IT is by far the hardest one to get. Pete Rose came the closest at 44 games but couldn’t keep it going.                                                       























Last but not least, Melvin Mora has been obeying speed limits for years. There will be no police watching him at the O’s games because he goes about 6 MPH. That was Birdland’s thought of the day.


I would like to say great job to Luke Scott as he hit his 18th HR last night, and is hanging up another terrific season for the O’s. Luke Scott is on pace for about 100 RBI and 30 HR and doesn’t look like he is slowing down. He is the table setter right now for this down and out O’s offense. If he keeps it going, maybe the rest of the O’s can.

The O’s look like they will get a W today, as ace Brad Bergesen will be tossing against a name I can’t even pronounce. Bergesen has turned in 6 quality starts out of his last 7 and is looking to keep the Jays offense in check. If the O’s can pull off a series victory here, they can start a second half comeback and maybe get to fourth in the division.

Camden Yards: I once had a friend named Camden, but now he moved to Iowa and he visits every summer. Camden was named after the great Camden Yards, but Camden was a Pirates fan! EW. Camden played baseball like I do and was my best friend ever, and I was deeply saddened when he told me he had to move. SO thanks Camden Yards for bringing back many memories to me!












The O’s can keep on winning, they just need to have the offense going, and pitch Brad Bergesen every game! Haha I am just kidding, see you next time On Birdland, let’s try for at least 20 comments! Thanks everyone for supporting Birdland. And I would really like to thank Hook Line Drive and Sinker for getting this blog on route to becoming a top blog here at thanks so much!


Until next time, Go O’s!































  1. crazy19canuck

    Ok he’s dead. Can we move on now?
    WAY TO GO O’s!! Nice win…
    Toronto has all these no name pitchers who are annoyingly good when they want to be. oh, and I can’t say Marc’s name either. Don’t feel bad!

  2. stevg95

    Good post…Glad to see Mora break his 50 game homerless streak… Hope you’ll be watching the Homerun Derby. Check out my blog and view my most recent post on my predictions for the derby.

  3. stevg95

    Oh and Birdland one more thing…. What font are you using for your posts? I use the Rich Text one and am getting a little tired of it…

  4. Orangebird

    you seem to be obessesed with circular letter and numbers first your talking about 50 and the letter O! :))
    Going to game today!

  5. raysfanboy

    Many people get psyched for the big name pitching matchups, but sometimes the no-name matchups are great too. You guys seem to have one of those today with Bergeson and that other guy (not even going to try to spell his name!). Should be a nice game between two teams scuffling a little bit.

  6. crazy19canuck

    I put up my new post about 2 minutes after Raysfanboy. I can’t believe Kinsler keeps getting snubbed, but CARLOS is in!! YAY!

  7. welikeroywelikeroy

    That homerun crushed me!!! I knew that it was gone off the bat! I believe his name is pronounced ZIP-CHIN-SKI, just to clarity. His two starts in the show have been quite impressive.

    Like Uncle Rico, I wish I could travel back in time and tell Carlson not through that pitch to Mora. lol.

  8. stevg95

    Hey, I figured out to do it. Thanks….And when I was looking at my comments I was like, who’s calripken?? But then I saw it was you. Haha..You changed your username

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