Bergesen ABC’s

We already knew Brad Bergesen was good, but dang, not this good. After his 6 2/3 innings pitched giving up only 2 earned runs, he is now at a 3.54 ERA. This kid can pitch! Since Brad Bergesen is so good, I have decided to do my own Brad Bergesen ABC’s,


A is for Ace, Brad Bergesen is the O’s ace and has been ever since he was called up from AAA.

B is for Birdland. Brad Bergesen is Birdland.

C is for Crap. What the opponents say when Brad Bergesen pitches.

D is for Dead. What the opponents are when Brad Bergesen comes to the mound to pitch.

E is for ERA, In which Bergesen’s is 3.54

F is for First MLB win which Brad Bergesen gladly picked up on April 21, against CWS.

G is for Games started, which Brad Bergesen has started 16 games.

H is for hits, which opponents rarely get off of Brad Bergesen.

I is for inept, what Brad Bergesen makes the hitters look like.

J is for Jays, in which yesterday Bergesen threw 6 2/3 and gave up 2 earned runs.

K is for King Cobra, what Brad Bergesen is to everyone else in the O’s pitching rotation.

L is for Laughing my butt off, after Bergesen threw his wicked curveball/slider and got the strikeout.

M is for Mediocre, What teams look like when they face Brad Bergesen.

O is for 0 runs scored, something Brad Bergesen has held opponents to one time.

P is for pitching, something Brad Bergesen does pretty darn well.

Q is for Quality start, and Bergesen has eight of his last nine that were quality starts.

R is for reliant. And Brad Bergesen is very reliant! Almost every time he goes out  he wins.

S stands for Sinker, Bergesen’s little friend. Last game, Bergesen made opponents ground into 2 DP which turned into a big factor for Bergesen getting the W.

T stands for top, which Bergesen is at the top of his game.

U stands for ugly, what Bergesen made Chavez look like when he dropped the Curveball on him for strike three.

V is for valiant, and Brad Bergesen is valiant of Baltimore.

W is for Win, in which Bergesen has 6 of them. Bergesen won last night as he pitched a gem.

X is for Xenophobia which is the hatred of foreign people. Because Bergesen threw a gem against the Canadians.

Y is for Y do we have to face Bergesen? A question that all teams ask prior to gametime.

Z is for Zip chance, the chance that an opposing team has of beating Bergesen.













Thanks for your time, and Bergesen and the whole pitching staff will be flip flopped after the All Star Break. So who knows if Tillman or somone in his calliber will be brought up to the Bigs. We will just have to wait it out. Please comment! Thanks







  1. stevg95

    Hey..I tried to post my favorite blogs (including yours) and i did the things you told me by going to manage and link lists. Then I created a list with the title ArodFan13’s Favorite Blogs and put your blog and raysfanboy’s blog URLS in. But when I go to visit my Blog, I don’t see the list on the right hand side… What did I do wrong?
    Thanks 4 ur help!

  2. sookram

    lol GREAT blog and good series this past weekend, you guys are looking better and better too bad we play in this death hole of a division or these games would mean a lot more and be a lot more exciting.
    BTW how do you get all the pictures and stuff in your blogs? If you could pass on the info that b great, u no where to find me

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