Its all about Cal!

Cal is a legend, an icon to many. He has brought a generation with him in his play. Cal was the first player on and off the field every time he went out to play. He just had the love of the game. Many players, even now just wanna step onto a field that Cal Ripken Jr. has played on. Cal has always been faithful to fans, umpires, and the game itself. He has always been an Oriole, and ever shall be. Its all about you Cal…

As a kid growing up in Aberdeen Maryland, Cal Ripken Jr. never thought he would grow up to be the best SS ever in the history of the game. He was wrong though. When Cal was in the minors, he was on the Rochester Red Wings (O’s triple A affiliate at the time) And played in the longest proffesional game in the history of baseball. He played through 33 innings which spanned through three long  long days. In 81′ and 82′ Cal was a utility man and played some SS and 3B for the O’s. Ripken homered in his very first at bat against the Royals in the first game of the 82′ season. That was a start for him as he ended the season with 28 homers sealing the deal for the rookie of the year award. In 83′ Cal unbelievably topped that as well as winning MVP honors with his .318 AVG, 27 home runs, one less than his rookie year, and 102 RBI.

For eight seasons, Cal would hit 20 or more homers in a year. And in 87′ it was a Ripken reunion when Cal’s father Cal Ripken Sr. took over the head coaching job in Baltimore, and Cal’s brother Billy Ripken was on the team too. Cal Sr, became the first manager ever to write both of his sons’ into the lineup card. Cal Sr. also broke the biggest streak ever, by putting Ron Washington in the game in Cal’s place in the eighth inning of a game on September 22, ending Cal’s streak of consecutive innings played at 8,243. Cal would then go on and set his record for consecutive games played at 2,632 games straight. Cal got the nickname “the iron man” for showing up every day on the job ready to play.

iron man cal.jpg











Cal wasn’t famous for it, but he also joined the 3,000 hit club and finished his career with 3,184 hits. Cal had his #8 retired on the last home game of the 2001 season, and was on the on deck circle in the bottom of the ninth waiting for his chance to bat, when with 2 outs and a full count, Brady Anderson, Ripken’s long time teammate who was also playing in his last game struck out on a high, inside fastball. Cal had a long speech after the game thanking all of his fans and all of his friends that supported him over the years.

Other big moments for Cal were, in 2001 Cal was voted to be the starting 3B of the All Star Game in Seattle and Alex Rodriguez was supposed to be starting SS, but A-rod respectively gave up the role and switched with Ripken because he knew this was the last year Cal was playing and wanted it to be memorable to him. Ripken made his first plate appearance in the third inning and was happily noticed with a standing “o”. Ripken took Chan Ho Parks’ first pitch yard for a home run, and the fans went wild for Cal! It was a sight to be seen for Ripken as he happily slapped hands with the guys and was carried around in the dugout.








Cal had a famous quote, it was “As long as I can compete, I won’t quit.”

Cal did just that as when he went for the record 2,131st game in a row, he hit a home run which was voted as the “most memorable moment in baseball history.” Cal was inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, the most prestigous honor you could get in 2007. He was a first ballot inductee with the third highest voting percentage of all time at (98.53%). He was definitly loved by the fans, and that shows by him getting the highest amount of all star votes in the history of balloting (36,123,483). He also has the most consecutive all star starts with 17 in a row. Cal was an icon to everyone and was the best SS ever. He is the heart of Baltimore and Cal is Birdland, now and for eternity. This is all about you, Cal. You are a legend….














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  1. soxofboston

    Hey, I commented again. Indianluv, he gets all kindsa comments. He will get 45. He gets 30 in a day! šŸ™‚

  2. Jonestein

    Hiya Cal, thanks for stopping by! I dig your blog and Mr. “Iron Man” Ripken (and Tony Stark/Iron Man too).
    One thing I miss about the Orioles is the cartoon bird logo from the early eighties…the plain-Jane Oriole of today has no personality. :^)

  3. coopz22

    Cal Ripken is my favorite player ever. And I was a Mets fan growing up! My dad and I traveled down to B-more for his last game every as an O in 2001, saw his number retired. There will never be another like him. I got your link from Zoe’s Pick Me Up blog, I have my own too – I will certainly link to you, as the O’s are kind of my adopted AL team šŸ™‚

  4. crazy19canuck

    What with the Tribe trivia? LOL! Gotta learn new things everyday, I guess! You guys are a lot of fun!

  5. raysfanboy

    Just as you doubt, here I am. Sorry, dude, remodeling a bathroom is not easy. Nor fast. Nor fun. In fact, I hate it! I would love to give a guy $50 to do the whole thing.

    Thanks for putting me on the featured blogs link. That was really nice of you. I’ll try to earn that spot! Enjoy the derby tonight! It is just going to be some pure fun!

  6. crazy19canuck

    Indiansluv…that’s why I deleted my list. It NEVER worked when I tried to change something! I have to make a new one soon!

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