Bergesen ABC’s

We already knew Brad Bergesen was good, but dang, not this good. After his 6 2/3 innings pitched giving up only 2 earned runs, he is now at a 3.54 ERA. This kid can pitch! Since Brad Bergesen is so good, I have decided to do my own Brad Bergesen ABC’s,


A is for Ace, Brad Bergesen is the O’s ace and has been ever since he was called up from AAA.

B is for Birdland. Brad Bergesen is Birdland.

C is for Crap. What the opponents say when Brad Bergesen pitches.

D is for Dead. What the opponents are when Brad Bergesen comes to the mound to pitch.

E is for ERA, In which Bergesen’s is 3.54

F is for First MLB win which Brad Bergesen gladly picked up on April 21, against CWS.

G is for Games started, which Brad Bergesen has started 16 games.

H is for hits, which opponents rarely get off of Brad Bergesen.

I is for inept, what Brad Bergesen makes the hitters look like.

J is for Jays, in which yesterday Bergesen threw 6 2/3 and gave up 2 earned runs.

K is for King Cobra, what Brad Bergesen is to everyone else in the O’s pitching rotation.

L is for Laughing my butt off, after Bergesen threw his wicked curveball/slider and got the strikeout.

M is for Mediocre, What teams look like when they face Brad Bergesen.

O is for 0 runs scored, something Brad Bergesen has held opponents to one time.

P is for pitching, something Brad Bergesen does pretty darn well.

Q is for Quality start, and Bergesen has eight of his last nine that were quality starts.

R is for reliant. And Brad Bergesen is very reliant! Almost every time he goes out  he wins.

S stands for Sinker, Bergesen’s little friend. Last game, Bergesen made opponents ground into 2 DP which turned into a big factor for Bergesen getting the W.

T stands for top, which Bergesen is at the top of his game.

U stands for ugly, what Bergesen made Chavez look like when he dropped the Curveball on him for strike three.

V is for valiant, and Brad Bergesen is valiant of Baltimore.

W is for Win, in which Bergesen has 6 of them. Bergesen won last night as he pitched a gem.

X is for Xenophobia which is the hatred of foreign people. Because Bergesen threw a gem against the Canadians.

Y is for Y do we have to face Bergesen? A question that all teams ask prior to gametime.

Z is for Zip chance, the chance that an opposing team has of beating Bergesen.













Thanks for your time, and Bergesen and the whole pitching staff will be flip flopped after the All Star Break. So who knows if Tillman or somone in his calliber will be brought up to the Bigs. We will just have to wait it out. Please comment! Thanks






Bartender, Jack! Walk-off style…

The O’s were tied three three in the bottom of the 12th inning and Melvin Mora came up to bat. You could see in his eyes, that he wanted to end the game. Melvin got a hanger and jacked it into the right centerfield bleachers to end the game. The funny part, was when he came to home plate, he slid in instead of jumping on home plate or any other of those regular routines. I gotta give you a pat on the back Melvin.


Melvin Mora, was in one of the biggest slumps of his career going 50 games without going yard, until he hit a big time home run yesterday night against the Jays. So, in your face Ricky Romero! How does a No decision feel?


Birdland’s thoughts:

  • Tonight will see Brad Bergesen, who turned in another quality start last outing against Marc Rzepczynski who’s name I can’t pronounce. Rzepczynski went six strong giving up one earned so the O’s need to jump on him in the early goings and make him breakdown.

  • Luke Scott is now at 11 games in his hit streak, as he leads the O’s in home runs (18) and is hitting .357 (15-42) during his streak.

  • The O’s have lost twelve series’ as well as won twelve series’ in the first half of the year along with splitting four of them.

Birdland’s thought of the day

Melvin Mora just snapped a 50 game homerless streak in which he went 189 at bats before he hit the walk off shot last night. Mora, who has 5 HR on the year, could turn the season around starting now. Other things that remind me of Melvin Mora,










Kirk Gibson, in when he hit his walk off HR against the A’s in the 88′ world series as he had both knees injured and had the flu. It was one of the most memorable moments in baseball history but it reminds me of Melvin because they were both so old when they hit HR’s.













50 cent because he is worth 50 Cents and Melvin Mora is too. Haha Just kidding, Melvin Mora went 50 games without hitting a homer so that is how I tie these two together.

Uncle Rico.jpg















I hope you have all seen Napoleon Dynamite! Uncle Rico is one of the funniest characters in the movie, and he and Napoleon fight all of the time. The connection I get, is Rico is a conman and he goes around in the movie selling 50 piece sets. Melvin Mora again ended his 50 game a piece home run drought.












This one isn’t meant to be funny! RIP Michael Jackson died at age 50 of a heart attack, but there could have been another cause of his death. We lost an icon, and nobody ever cared about Michael Jackson for the past 5 years until he died, and everybody went down with him. That is so sad that people treated Michael so badly, all he wanted to do was to be a normal person but he never was excepted. That is how I tie him in with Melvin Mora.

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You can’t spell O’s with out the O!

When you spell O’s, you can’t spell it without the O. The O’s did just that as they were shut out last night by no-name Brett Cecil pitched a heck of a game and he had his cutter working not to mention his 94-96 MPH fastball. The O’s had multiple times to score, once in the second, when they had bases loaded no outs, and once in the seventh with first and second one out. Cecil went 6 strong, yeilding 5 hits that the O’s got and got the W, while Jason Berken 5 2/3 innings with 2 earned runs pitched a heckuva game too. It was mostly a pitchers duel as there was a total of 11 hits. The O’s had five of them. Boo!









That is how Golem feels here in this picture, he is saying lets go O’s you suck! Hey, at least the O’s didn’t go down as hard as the Padres. Ouch! Jonathan Sanchez threw a no hitter against them, as they couldn’t even barely get on base! The only runner came on a Juan Uribe error, and if Uribe wouldn’t have made that error, it would have been a perfect game. C’mon dude, show some man love! Help your pitcher out. Sanchez ranks up there among pitchers with the lowest number of wins to ever throw a no hitter. Sanchez (2-8) in his career before throwing the no-no hopes this will get him on a roll. The cool thing about throwing the no-no, was Sanchez’ dad was there to see him play, and he witnessed the whole thing. After they both shared hugs and a few tears as it was a field of dreams moment. Congrats to Jonathan Sanchez and a hello to the Padres.


















Good luck to Sanchez in the future with pitching! He deserves a pat on the back. Back to the O’s now. The O’s have been shut out six times this year, which has led to the downfall of the offense. Here at Birdland, I have found a funny topic to talk about.

Birdland’s thought of the day:

The Birdland thought of the day is, although the O’s stopped Scott Rolen’s hit streak, and didn’t have to face Roy Halladay, and didn’t give up more than two runs, the O’s still lost because the offense shattered under Cecil’s gem.

Many things represent the O’s like    











Cheerio’s! Now the official breakfast cereal of the Baltimore Orioles because the O’s put so many zero’s on the board last game. All of those Cheerio’s represent the amount of zero’s on the year the O’s put up.








You didn’t think San DiegO was going to be left out did you? San DiegO (emphasis on the O) represents how many hits and runs they had combined last night. Sanchez just shut them down, including only letting one baserunner on because of Uribe’s error. Sorry Unfinished Business but the Pads are in the cellar, and look to hide there for awhile!


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You can keep Rolen away from us!

The O’s are facing the Jays in a three game series starting tonight at 7:05 in Camden Yards! Finally the O’s are off of their road trip in which they went (3-4) which was not bad for them, seeing as how they have done worse. Way worse! Now they get to come home where they have a winning record. The good news is Roy Halladay the Jays ace will be nowhere in site as last night he pitched and took the loss.

Good news for the O’s is that SS Cesar Izturis will make his return to the O’s tonight as he has been out since June 7 and the O’s have missed him. He was batting .260 with 1 HR and 13 RBI with nine swipes at the time of his injury. Now the O’s will have a stronger lineup and a stronger infield!

Pitching tonight for the O’s is Jason Berken (1-5, 6.25) who has been plagued by the long ball. He looks to follow up a halfway decent outing, but hasn’t made it past the sixth in six of his last seven outings. Ouch. Berken won’t have it easy tonight, nor will any O’s pitcher as they face the terrid Jays lineup in which Scott Rolen is “rollin'” and doesn’t seem to slow down any time soon! He is on a 25 game hit streak which he has been riding since late June.


Keep him away! IN other O’s news, Aubrey Huff pulled his groin while being caught between first and second in the O’s 5-3 win over the M’s. With this loss to the O’s lineup, they could have a significant drought, as Huff has been on fire as of late. He has 11 HR and 55 RBI which sets the pace for the O’s. He has been the leader as of late, and without him, someone else will need to step it up! Who will it be?…
















Manager Dave Trembley recieved a two game suspension for his actions following an ejection. Trembley raced back out onto the field and kept arguing with umpire Tom Hallion. MLB docked him an undisclosed amount of money and a two game suspension for his actions. “I was getting my team fired up.” said Trembley, “And it worked. We came back in the ninth and won!”

I am going to start a new section in my blog today called,

Birdland’s thoughts

  • Manager Dave Trembley is starting to catch my eye, as he made me a fan when he kept arguing with umpire Tom Hallion. Not only did he fire up his team, he got the O’s GM thinking about keeping him.
  • Cesar Izturis will be happily welcomed back into the O’s family as he will get the start making his return to the galliant infield. He will even it out, as he is one of the better defensive SS in the MLB
  • Aubrey Huff has strained his groin and that will take a big effect on the O’s offense. The O’s need to keep it going without Huff if they wanna still win games.


Birdland’s thought of the day

  • Scott Rolen can keep on ROLLIN, just… keep us away. Rolen is on a 25 game hit streak, and doesn’t look like he is slowing down. He is as good as…..














No… not them! Maybe,









NO not Buckner! C’mon get real here.

















Yes! Finally, the Rolling Stones! Scott Rolen and the Rolling stones have many things in common.

1. They both are Rolling

2. They both are as old as stones

3. They both have been in ST. Louis

4. They both can hit. Scott Rolen is on a 25 game hit streak, The Rolling Stones can hit on women. Same Difference! 😉



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Three of a kind

The Orioles have a bright future. I see many playoff runs, and a few world series championships. The O’s are going to get a lot of wins in the next few  years, and here is why.

















The O’s have three very strong youngsters. They are, Matt Wieters, Adam Jones and Brad Bergesen. The three have been the centerpiece of the O’s this year and look to take over the O’s organization by storm.

Brad Bergesen: The young hurler has been the O’s ace this year, as he is (5-3, 3.59) on the year. Bergesen’s last time out, he through six strong, giving up three runs on six hits. The only thing that came back to bite him were the runners on base.

Bergesen’s best start, came on 6/14 when he threw a complete game and gave up 2 earned runs on five hits, and struck out three. Or 6/09 against Seattle when he hurled 8 scoreless innings on five hits, with six strikeouts. There is one thing everybody agrees on, this kid can pitch! Some quick stats are

  • Vs left- .236
  • Vs right- .264
  • Home games- 2.83
  • Away games- 4.82
  • July ERA- 2.57

Bergesen will pitch next on Saturday against the Jays in a three game series. Bergesen has turned in seven quality starts in his last eight outings, and is still on the hunt. Keep your eye on this kid!                                                                           


Adam Jones: Next, we have an outfielder who has made it to the all star game. Adam “All Star” Jones! Adam Jones well deserves to make it to the All Star Game, not so much because of his numbers compared to other players, just the fact that he made so much improvement over last year to this year. This kid hit nine dingers last year, and already has 12 this year. He is now a power house and everybody wants a little Adam.

He has been the centerpiece to the O’s lineup protecting Brian Roberts, and when Roberts is on he can bunt him over, or Trembley can put the hit and run on and Jones will always get it done. With Jones in the two hole, the O’s can get runners on base for Nick Markakis, who has 56 RBI already. Markakis isn’t going yard, but with Jones and Roberts on all of the time for him, he gets his fair share of RBI.

On the year, Adam Jones has 95 hits in 308 AB (.308) and has 12 HR 47 RBI, and 6 swipes out of nine attempts. This top youngster shot out of a cannon in March through May by scoring 40 runs, 11 HR 36 RBI, 4 SB, and was hitting .346. Jones cooled down in June though, and now is still in cool down mode. Jones looks to make another push and looks to get on a hitting streak. Jones .308 AVG shows that he is no phony, he is for real! He will be the key of the O’s organization in the near future. Keep your eye on this kid!

























Matt Wieters: This kid owns his own website which was made quickly after his debut in Baltimore! What more can you say, this kid can play! He will be the O’s future starting catcher, and will be a future all star for sure! Wieters can already touch MC Hammer, and touch him up big for a grand slam.

Matt Wieters has the funniest website by far, of any player I have seen. Here are some Matt Wieters facts and comments like,

  • “Some day Matt Wieters will look at Cooperstown and laugh when talking about the time he batted behind Melvin Mora and Luke Scott.”
  • “He once had an unproductive bat, just to see how it feels.”
  • “The only reason Pluto isn’t a planet anymore, is because it got in the way of one of Matt Wieters home run balls and exploded.”
  • “When an opposing catcher sees Matt Wieters step up to the plate there is crying in baseball”
  • “Matt Wieters’ career OBP is 1.001”
  • “Matt Wieters went 0-4 just so people would believe him when he said, “I am human.”
  • “Three days ago, Matt Wieters bumped into Luke Scott, all Luke Scott does now is hit homers.”
  • “Matt Wieters once stole first.”
  • “Matt Wieters at bat music is a moment of silence, for the pitcher.”
  • “One swing of Matt Wieters bat powers downtown Baltimore during night games.”
  • “Matt Wieters once turned an unassisted quadruple play.”

Do you see how much people love this kid? He is like the savior of Baltimore! This kid can hit, field, throw runners out stealing. And basically, anything he wants.
















The kid “Switch hitting Joe Mauer” which is proclaimed by many O’s faithful, came out of the gates last, but is finishing up there with the pack. Wieters has been on a tear as of late going (22-66) .333 in his last 18 games. Wieters is now turning heads in Baltimore, and the non-believers now believe in Matt Wieters. Even athiests believe in Matt Wieters. Did you know that Matt Wieters is so good that he gets intentional walks in batting practice? It is true. Matt Wieters is hitting .267, 10 R with 3 HR and 9 RBI in 27 games. He has been a big contributor to a power house O’s offense. Maybe Matt Wieters can bring the city of Baltimore back to their feet! Or will Arnold Palmer have to stop him? 🙂


Please comment all you want on this post. It is one of my favorites!


Wieters era has begun!















The Wieters era in Baltimore has officially begun. Matt Wieters got off to a slow start, in which many questions were asked about his talent, but they have now taken those words back as Wieters is (22-66) .333 in his last 18 games. On the year he is hitting .277 with 3 HR and 9 RBI. In Wieters last game, he went 3-3, solo HR, 2 runs, walk.

Matt Wieters will be the face of the O’s franchise in years to come, whether next year or in five Wieters has made a name for himself. The “switch hitting version of Joe Mauer” as he is called busted out of the gates and only saw 39 games in Triple-A Norfolk before being called up to the big leagues.

















Matt Wieters, now a local celeb, has his own website called I recently stumbled upon it and I just couldn’t stop laughing at all of the hilarious slogans they had. Wieters is currently sharing time with catcher Gregg Zaun, but with the way Wieters has turned it on, It looks like the O’s will be gone with Zaun.

Just thinking about how good this kid is makes me just wonder what the O’s will be like in the future with Bergesen, Jones, and Wieters. Wow, that would be a powerful team right there! Matt Wieters has brought alot of hype to the city of Baltimore and is starting to back it up.












Here are some comments from,

“Sliced bread is the best thing since Matt Wieters”

“Earl Weaver won’t swear in the presence of Matt Wieters”

“Matt Wieters attended a Yanks/Red Sox game wearing an O’s uniform and both teams lost”

“Matt Wieters can roll a tarp out by himself. With one hand if necessary”

“Matt Wieters ate a french fry and France surrendered”

“Matt Wieters isn’t perfect, that would truly underestimate his abilities”

“Matt Wieters will see another 300 game winner, Matt Wieters is immortal”

“Matt Wieters strikes lightning, twice in the same spot.”

“Matt Wieters is so good, his bobblehead is projected to be first pick in the MLB draft”

“Matt Wieters hit a homer 450 feet and when asked why he said he was just trying to bunt”

“Matt Wieters can touch MC Hammer, and when He does it is usually for a Grand Slam”

“Matt Wieters one time finished third in MVP voting, of course he finished first and second also”

“Matt Wieters stole David Ortiz soul”

comments due to


Matt Wieters has reached base safely in 17 of his last 19 games and has caught a blaze. The kid has been starting to live up to his potential and is getting more and more starts. If he continues to do this, the Wieters Era will be starting towards Cooperstown      
















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Hey now, your an “All Star!”


Adam Jones.jpg













Adam Jones stellar play has been noticed, and the fans noticed too, as Adam Jones got voted onto the AL all star team, as a reserve. Jones is the Orioles youngest all star since Mike Mussina back in ’92. The O’s knew that they were getting something good out of the Erik Bedard trade, but not this good. Andy MacPhail commented saying “I think that we knew he would be an all star when we traded for him, but I didn’t nearly expect for him to be an all star during the second year he played for us.”

Earlier this year, Jones locked up the number two hole in the batting order, comforting Brian Roberts, and getting on base for Nick Markakis. Jones hit .359 with a .433 OBP in April, backing that up with a .333 AVG and seven bombs in May. The only thing keeping Jones off of the starting lineup, however is the fact that he had a sub par June. Even when he wasn’t contributing offensively, Jones was still a key factor, making many diving catches, and giving up his body in many different plays. Against Boston, Jones robbed Kevin Youkillis of a HR and the next day, when it seemed like the same thing was bound to happen, Jones came crashing into the wall, and got the wind knocked out of him. He was taken out later in the game and got a day off the following day due to precautions.

Dave Trembley got to comment saying, “I think Jones is unique because you don’t have to tel him twice. He’s receptive to learning and doesn’t think he knows it all. He basically has a sixth sense.” said Trembley. “I haven’t been around a guy that has shown that much improvement year to year. His upside has come way quicker than we have thought. I didn’t think he would have this many HR’s by now.”

Jones has 12 HR’s and will be ready to show his bat to everybody on July 14, in St. Louis. The O’s now can point and say that the Bedard deal, remade their franchise for the better. Also coming along in the “Bedard trade”, was closer George Sherrill, O’s top pitching prospect Chris Tillman, and a few other minor league pitchers.

“Being in an O’s uniform is a dream come true” said Jones. “Coming to a franchise that was rebuilding, and getting to play every day for a team I love, was priceless.” And the O’s thought the same thing of Jones coming over, a dream come true. Jones has really helped out a young O’s lineup, which is currently ranked in the top 10 in the AL.

This year Adam Jones has played in 75 games, getting 298 AB’s. He is hitting .305 with 91 hits, swiping 6 bags in 9 attempts, and has 52 runs. The “younggun”, has 12 HR and 46 RBI which means he is a fantasy monster. Adam Jones has also said he would like to participate in the Home Run Derby this year, and hopes that he will be entered. He says that he will try to bring a Derby Championship back to Baltimore. That would be one championship this year for Baltimore….


Another hero of the O’s, is rookie Matt Wieters. Wieters, a celebrity, has a website now called It talks mainly about Wieters, and has many interesting facts about him. I recommend it! Wieters is getting hot hitting .333 (22-66) in his past 18 starts. Hopefully the proclaimed “Matt Wieters Era” will bring a few championships to Baltimore, and bring pride and pleasure back to the city.

“I have been feeling comfy the whole time,” says Wieters. “I am just managing to find some holes and get hits. It is a long long season with many different at bats, and I am going to have many good games, and many bad games.”

Matt Wieters hit .305 with five dingers, and 30 RBI in 39 games with triple-a Norfolk before getting the call up to the Orioles in late May. Wieters says that the level of pitching at the minor league level, and the major league level is significantly different. Wieters says, “High velocity pitching is at every level, but the true major league pitching is something I really appreciate.” Wieters also said on Major League pitching that “It is all about deception, location, and its just knowing how to pitch to hitters.”





















The scoreboards were out last night at Safeco Field, and they weren’t needed, as Jarrod Washburn one hit the O’s to death. Nick Markakis got the only hit for the O’s as it was a line drive single to left field. Brad Bergesen pitched six innings with three earned, another quality outing, just not enough to get the W though as the O’s got shut-out in a 5-0 game.

The O’s just don’t have their heads in it. I can rant and rant all I want, but it won’t matter. Dave Trembley isn’t going to last much longer in Baltimore and that is a fact. He needs to get his guys to work, and needs to keep them at it. The O’s have lost three straight, yesterday they lost with the bats, Sunday they lost with the pitching, and on Saturday, July 4th, they lost with the gloves. The O’s are one of the most inconsistant clubs in baseball right now, as they are (36-47), 13.5 game back from division leading the Boston Red Sox who are (49-33).

After day one of the final vote getters race, Pablo Sandoval 3B SF and Ian Kinsler 2B TEX are respectively the leaders of their Leagues’. Kinsler led in the all star ballot out of the get go and almost all the way to the finish at 2B for the AL got snubbed out, and will hopefully get enough votes to get in to the ASG. Sandoval, is winning over Shane Victorino, Matt Kemp, Mark Reynolds, and Christian Guzman.

In the AL, following behind Kinsler is Brandon Inge, Chone Figgins, Adam Lind, and Carlos Pena. If Pena doesn’t make it to the ASG. He will be the first AL home run leader to not make it to the all star game since the ’50’s. This final vote event, is the eighth time it has been held, and has been a fan favorite because you get to decide who will get the final 33rd roster spot and get to be in the ASG. If Kinsler or Pena don’t go, I will be deeply saddened due to the fact that they both have had all star type years and they deserve it.

In other baseball news the Phils beat the Reds 22-1 and Jason Marquis threw eight scoreless innings for the Rockies as Colorado won just their ninth 1-0 home game in history. That concludes my post on Adam Jones, and congrats to Adam for making the ASG. Good luck, and I hope he gets a hit! 🙂 See you next time on the Birdland Blog, Until next time, Go O’s!

Info on Adam Jones and Matt Wieters, from Spencer Fordin. Check out his Mlblog.