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O’s offense awakens, Good pitching follows as O’s top Angels (6-4)

O’s rookie pitcher, David Hernandez got alot of support in Angel Stadium last night. The crowd even chanted, “Lets go David!” Hernandez was a native of California, and had a lot of friends and family in attendance to root him on. 

The O’s scored five runs in the  first two times through the batting order, spotting Hernandez the lead and giving him something to work with. That was all he had needed, as Hernandez only gave up one run in five innings. “Oh I could here them,” said Hernandez. “There are alot of people in Oakland when I pitched there, but there were even more people here to root me on.” 

Hernandez pitched two perfect innings on Friday, as he pitched around two singles in the third and left runners stranded in the fourth as well. Hernandez pitched into the seventh inning before coming out of the game. He had a very good outing. 

Manager Dave Trembley commented saying, “He just never stopped throwing strikes. He just kept repeating his delivery and commanding his fastball.” Trembley really loved the way Hernandez changed the speeds on his breaking ball though. He thought that was very hard to catch on to.



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Complete O’s rant, (Covering the O’s head to toe)


                                               Here are the reason’s for one                                          



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Jones leaves game after running into wall, O’s slumping… again

Adam Jones sprinted to the center field wall in anticipation to catch Kevin “Youk” Youkillis’ home run ball, but instead he hit the wall full force and had the wind knocked out of him. Jones stayed in the game for the second inning until Orioles skipper Dave Trembley pulled him for precautions, with the Sox already winning 4-0. Felix Pie was put in to fill his spot and almost immediately contributed with an RBI triple in the bottom of the third. Although Jones was okay. the Orioles aren’t.
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Vote O’s! Trades? Oh no……

C’mon people out there. We need you all to vote for the Orioles duo, (Markakis and Jones) to get into the All Star Game. They are almost the same in every category, and in fantasy they are one point apart. So why not vote Orange? Brian Roberts needs a push too, but he will most likely not get it due to the fact Pedroia is all publicity now…. So we need all of you to get at least one, yes one O in the All Star Game (ASG).
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Fantasy and the Orioles

Fantasy%20Baseball.gifThe Baltimore Orioles have some great fantasy players. Only if they could play together as a team, and had good pitching… Wow, what a team that would be! Brian Roberts is among the best second basemen in fantasy. He is #3 behind Ian Kinsler, and Aaron Hill. Brian Roberts has 281 points. I don’t know where they are in the mix, but Nick Markakis has 263 points, and Adam Jones has 264! That is amazing. And I almost forgot that Aubrey Huff is right behind them with 233 points. So there you have it…. I f the Orioles would just play together than they would be an amazing team!


Now I know the picture says fantasy baseball 2008 so don’t make fun… haha.

My team that I have is 9-3 and we are number one in the division. Here is my team


C Matt Wieters

1B Lance Berkman

2B Brian Roberts

3B Aubrey Huff

SS Ryan Theriot

OF Andre Ethier

OF Matt Kemp

OF Ryan Braun

DH Aaron Hill

P Minnesota Twins.


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