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Bergesen ABC’s

We already knew Brad Bergesen was good, but dang, not this good. After his 6 2/3 innings pitched giving up only 2 earned runs, he is now at a 3.54 ERA. This kid can pitch! Since Brad Bergesen is so good, I have decided to do my own Brad Bergesen ABC’s,


A is for Ace, Brad Bergesen is the O’s ace and has been ever since he was called up from AAA.

B is for Birdland. Brad Bergesen is Birdland.

C is for Crap. What the opponents say when Brad Bergesen pitches.

D is for Dead. What the opponents are when Brad Bergesen comes to the mound to pitch.

E is for ERA, In which Bergesen’s is 3.54

F is for First MLB win which Brad Bergesen gladly picked up on April 21, against CWS.

G is for Games started, which Brad Bergesen has started 16 games.

H is for hits, which opponents rarely get off of Brad Bergesen.

I is for inept, what Brad Bergesen makes the hitters look like.

J is for Jays, in which yesterday Bergesen threw 6 2/3 and gave up 2 earned runs.

K is for King Cobra, what Brad Bergesen is to everyone else in the O’s pitching rotation.

L is for Laughing my butt off, after Bergesen threw his wicked curveball/slider and got the strikeout.

M is for Mediocre, What teams look like when they face Brad Bergesen.

O is for 0 runs scored, something Brad Bergesen has held opponents to one time.

P is for pitching, something Brad Bergesen does pretty darn well.

Q is for Quality start, and Bergesen has eight of his last nine that were quality starts.

R is for reliant. And Brad Bergesen is very reliant! Almost every time he goes out  he wins.

S stands for Sinker, Bergesen’s little friend. Last game, Bergesen made opponents ground into 2 DP which turned into a big factor for Bergesen getting the W.

T stands for top, which Bergesen is at the top of his game.

U stands for ugly, what Bergesen made Chavez look like when he dropped the Curveball on him for strike three.

V is for valiant, and Brad Bergesen is valiant of Baltimore.

W is for Win, in which Bergesen has 6 of them. Bergesen won last night as he pitched a gem.

X is for Xenophobia which is the hatred of foreign people. Because Bergesen threw a gem against the Canadians.

Y is for Y do we have to face Bergesen? A question that all teams ask prior to gametime.

Z is for Zip chance, the chance that an opposing team has of beating Bergesen.













Thanks for your time, and Bergesen and the whole pitching staff will be flip flopped after the All Star Break. So who knows if Tillman or somone in his calliber will be brought up to the Bigs. We will just have to wait it out. Please comment! Thanks







Three of a kind

The Orioles have a bright future. I see many playoff runs, and a few world series championships. The O’s are going to get a lot of wins in the next few  years, and here is why.

















The O’s have three very strong youngsters. They are, Matt Wieters, Adam Jones and Brad Bergesen. The three have been the centerpiece of the O’s this year and look to take over the O’s organization by storm.

Brad Bergesen: The young hurler has been the O’s ace this year, as he is (5-3, 3.59) on the year. Bergesen’s last time out, he through six strong, giving up three runs on six hits. The only thing that came back to bite him were the runners on base.

Bergesen’s best start, came on 6/14 when he threw a complete game and gave up 2 earned runs on five hits, and struck out three. Or 6/09 against Seattle when he hurled 8 scoreless innings on five hits, with six strikeouts. There is one thing everybody agrees on, this kid can pitch! Some quick stats are

  • Vs left- .236
  • Vs right- .264
  • Home games- 2.83
  • Away games- 4.82
  • July ERA- 2.57

Bergesen will pitch next on Saturday against the Jays in a three game series. Bergesen has turned in seven quality starts in his last eight outings, and is still on the hunt. Keep your eye on this kid!                                                                           


Adam Jones: Next, we have an outfielder who has made it to the all star game. Adam “All Star” Jones! Adam Jones well deserves to make it to the All Star Game, not so much because of his numbers compared to other players, just the fact that he made so much improvement over last year to this year. This kid hit nine dingers last year, and already has 12 this year. He is now a power house and everybody wants a little Adam.

He has been the centerpiece to the O’s lineup protecting Brian Roberts, and when Roberts is on he can bunt him over, or Trembley can put the hit and run on and Jones will always get it done. With Jones in the two hole, the O’s can get runners on base for Nick Markakis, who has 56 RBI already. Markakis isn’t going yard, but with Jones and Roberts on all of the time for him, he gets his fair share of RBI.

On the year, Adam Jones has 95 hits in 308 AB (.308) and has 12 HR 47 RBI, and 6 swipes out of nine attempts. This top youngster shot out of a cannon in March through May by scoring 40 runs, 11 HR 36 RBI, 4 SB, and was hitting .346. Jones cooled down in June though, and now is still in cool down mode. Jones looks to make another push and looks to get on a hitting streak. Jones .308 AVG shows that he is no phony, he is for real! He will be the key of the O’s organization in the near future. Keep your eye on this kid!

























Matt Wieters: This kid owns his own website which was made quickly after his debut in Baltimore! What more can you say, this kid can play! He will be the O’s future starting catcher, and will be a future all star for sure! Wieters can already touch MC Hammer, and touch him up big for a grand slam.

Matt Wieters has the funniest website by far, of any player I have seen. Here are some Matt Wieters facts and comments like,

  • “Some day Matt Wieters will look at Cooperstown and laugh when talking about the time he batted behind Melvin Mora and Luke Scott.”
  • “He once had an unproductive bat, just to see how it feels.”
  • “The only reason Pluto isn’t a planet anymore, is because it got in the way of one of Matt Wieters home run balls and exploded.”
  • “When an opposing catcher sees Matt Wieters step up to the plate there is crying in baseball”
  • “Matt Wieters’ career OBP is 1.001”
  • “Matt Wieters went 0-4 just so people would believe him when he said, “I am human.”
  • “Three days ago, Matt Wieters bumped into Luke Scott, all Luke Scott does now is hit homers.”
  • “Matt Wieters once stole first.”
  • “Matt Wieters at bat music is a moment of silence, for the pitcher.”
  • “One swing of Matt Wieters bat powers downtown Baltimore during night games.”
  • “Matt Wieters once turned an unassisted quadruple play.”

Do you see how much people love this kid? He is like the savior of Baltimore! This kid can hit, field, throw runners out stealing. And basically, anything he wants.
















The kid “Switch hitting Joe Mauer” which is proclaimed by many O’s faithful, came out of the gates last, but is finishing up there with the pack. Wieters has been on a tear as of late going (22-66) .333 in his last 18 games. Wieters is now turning heads in Baltimore, and the non-believers now believe in Matt Wieters. Even athiests believe in Matt Wieters. Did you know that Matt Wieters is so good that he gets intentional walks in batting practice? It is true. Matt Wieters is hitting .267, 10 R with 3 HR and 9 RBI in 27 games. He has been a big contributor to a power house O’s offense. Maybe Matt Wieters can bring the city of Baltimore back to their feet! Or will Arnold Palmer have to stop him? 🙂


Please comment all you want on this post. It is one of my favorites!


Is it just me?

Is it just me, or do any other O’s fans out there wanna just rip Trembley’s head off?





                                                                       The O’s can never be consistant! I just have to blame that on Dave Trembley. I think that the O’s pitching is pretty decent. They have some good prospects coming out of the farm and I think they should give them the call up to the MLB for a few outings. Bergesen has been good. Very good.












If all of the O’s pitching could be like Brad Bergesen there would be no problem. But, most of the starting rotation is shaky, and the bullpen… Lord knows! And the O’s offense, wow. Brian Roberts is in one of the biggest slumps in his career, and he struck out twice last night, which he rarely does.




The thing that really makes me ticked is that Trembley is having a good old time in the dugout each game and doesn’t ever make a change about the O’s offense.


If he doesn’t turn the O’s around soon, they will find someone who will. My suggestion is

1. Talk to your guys, tell em’ to start playing a little harder.

2. Get Brian Roberts, (Your Leader) to get back to the way he normally is. 

3. Get the pitching started up so that will trigger the Offense. 

4. Finally, please take more action!

What a weiner.



C’mon O’s! Let’s start winning some games! Thanks for your time! Please comment. 🙂 and remember to watch tonight’s game vs. LA!


                   -Birds Blog