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Three of a kind

The Orioles have a bright future. I see many playoff runs, and a few world series championships. The O’s are going to get a lot of wins in the next few  years, and here is why.

















The O’s have three very strong youngsters. They are, Matt Wieters, Adam Jones and Brad Bergesen. The three have been the centerpiece of the O’s this year and look to take over the O’s organization by storm.

Brad Bergesen: The young hurler has been the O’s ace this year, as he is (5-3, 3.59) on the year. Bergesen’s last time out, he through six strong, giving up three runs on six hits. The only thing that came back to bite him were the runners on base.

Bergesen’s best start, came on 6/14 when he threw a complete game and gave up 2 earned runs on five hits, and struck out three. Or 6/09 against Seattle when he hurled 8 scoreless innings on five hits, with six strikeouts. There is one thing everybody agrees on, this kid can pitch! Some quick stats are

  • Vs left- .236
  • Vs right- .264
  • Home games- 2.83
  • Away games- 4.82
  • July ERA- 2.57

Bergesen will pitch next on Saturday against the Jays in a three game series. Bergesen has turned in seven quality starts in his last eight outings, and is still on the hunt. Keep your eye on this kid!                                                                           


Adam Jones: Next, we have an outfielder who has made it to the all star game. Adam “All Star” Jones! Adam Jones well deserves to make it to the All Star Game, not so much because of his numbers compared to other players, just the fact that he made so much improvement over last year to this year. This kid hit nine dingers last year, and already has 12 this year. He is now a power house and everybody wants a little Adam.

He has been the centerpiece to the O’s lineup protecting Brian Roberts, and when Roberts is on he can bunt him over, or Trembley can put the hit and run on and Jones will always get it done. With Jones in the two hole, the O’s can get runners on base for Nick Markakis, who has 56 RBI already. Markakis isn’t going yard, but with Jones and Roberts on all of the time for him, he gets his fair share of RBI.

On the year, Adam Jones has 95 hits in 308 AB (.308) and has 12 HR 47 RBI, and 6 swipes out of nine attempts. This top youngster shot out of a cannon in March through May by scoring 40 runs, 11 HR 36 RBI, 4 SB, and was hitting .346. Jones cooled down in June though, and now is still in cool down mode. Jones looks to make another push and looks to get on a hitting streak. Jones .308 AVG shows that he is no phony, he is for real! He will be the key of the O’s organization in the near future. Keep your eye on this kid!

























Matt Wieters: This kid owns his own website which was made quickly after his debut in Baltimore! What more can you say, this kid can play! He will be the O’s future starting catcher, and will be a future all star for sure! Wieters can already touch MC Hammer, and touch him up big for a grand slam.

Matt Wieters has the funniest website by far, of any player I have seen. Here are some Matt Wieters facts and comments like,

  • “Some day Matt Wieters will look at Cooperstown and laugh when talking about the time he batted behind Melvin Mora and Luke Scott.”
  • “He once had an unproductive bat, just to see how it feels.”
  • “The only reason Pluto isn’t a planet anymore, is because it got in the way of one of Matt Wieters home run balls and exploded.”
  • “When an opposing catcher sees Matt Wieters step up to the plate there is crying in baseball”
  • “Matt Wieters’ career OBP is 1.001”
  • “Matt Wieters went 0-4 just so people would believe him when he said, “I am human.”
  • “Three days ago, Matt Wieters bumped into Luke Scott, all Luke Scott does now is hit homers.”
  • “Matt Wieters once stole first.”
  • “Matt Wieters at bat music is a moment of silence, for the pitcher.”
  • “One swing of Matt Wieters bat powers downtown Baltimore during night games.”
  • “Matt Wieters once turned an unassisted quadruple play.”

Do you see how much people love this kid? He is like the savior of Baltimore! This kid can hit, field, throw runners out stealing. And basically, anything he wants.
















The kid “Switch hitting Joe Mauer” which is proclaimed by many O’s faithful, came out of the gates last, but is finishing up there with the pack. Wieters has been on a tear as of late going (22-66) .333 in his last 18 games. Wieters is now turning heads in Baltimore, and the non-believers now believe in Matt Wieters. Even athiests believe in Matt Wieters. Did you know that Matt Wieters is so good that he gets intentional walks in batting practice? It is true. Matt Wieters is hitting .267, 10 R with 3 HR and 9 RBI in 27 games. He has been a big contributor to a power house O’s offense. Maybe Matt Wieters can bring the city of Baltimore back to their feet! Or will Arnold Palmer have to stop him? 🙂


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Wieters era has begun!















The Wieters era in Baltimore has officially begun. Matt Wieters got off to a slow start, in which many questions were asked about his talent, but they have now taken those words back as Wieters is (22-66) .333 in his last 18 games. On the year he is hitting .277 with 3 HR and 9 RBI. In Wieters last game, he went 3-3, solo HR, 2 runs, walk.

Matt Wieters will be the face of the O’s franchise in years to come, whether next year or in five Wieters has made a name for himself. The “switch hitting version of Joe Mauer” as he is called busted out of the gates and only saw 39 games in Triple-A Norfolk before being called up to the big leagues.

















Matt Wieters, now a local celeb, has his own website called MattWietersFacts.com. I recently stumbled upon it and I just couldn’t stop laughing at all of the hilarious slogans they had. Wieters is currently sharing time with catcher Gregg Zaun, but with the way Wieters has turned it on, It looks like the O’s will be gone with Zaun.

Just thinking about how good this kid is makes me just wonder what the O’s will be like in the future with Bergesen, Jones, and Wieters. Wow, that would be a powerful team right there! Matt Wieters has brought alot of hype to the city of Baltimore and is starting to back it up.












Here are some comments from mattwietersfacts.com,

“Sliced bread is the best thing since Matt Wieters”

“Earl Weaver won’t swear in the presence of Matt Wieters”

“Matt Wieters attended a Yanks/Red Sox game wearing an O’s uniform and both teams lost”

“Matt Wieters can roll a tarp out by himself. With one hand if necessary”

“Matt Wieters ate a french fry and France surrendered”

“Matt Wieters isn’t perfect, that would truly underestimate his abilities”

“Matt Wieters will see another 300 game winner, Matt Wieters is immortal”

“Matt Wieters strikes lightning, twice in the same spot.”

“Matt Wieters is so good, his bobblehead is projected to be first pick in the MLB draft”

“Matt Wieters hit a homer 450 feet and when asked why he said he was just trying to bunt”

“Matt Wieters can touch MC Hammer, and when He does it is usually for a Grand Slam”

“Matt Wieters one time finished third in MVP voting, of course he finished first and second also”

“Matt Wieters stole David Ortiz soul”

comments due to mattwietersfacts.com


Matt Wieters has reached base safely in 17 of his last 19 games and has caught a blaze. The kid has been starting to live up to his potential and is getting more and more starts. If he continues to do this, the Wieters Era will be starting towards Cooperstown      
















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O’s offense awakens, Good pitching follows as O’s top Angels (6-4)

O’s rookie pitcher, David Hernandez got alot of support in Angel Stadium last night. The crowd even chanted, “Lets go David!” Hernandez was a native of California, and had a lot of friends and family in attendance to root him on. 

The O’s scored five runs in the  first two times through the batting order, spotting Hernandez the lead and giving him something to work with. That was all he had needed, as Hernandez only gave up one run in five innings. “Oh I could here them,” said Hernandez. “There are alot of people in Oakland when I pitched there, but there were even more people here to root me on.” 

Hernandez pitched two perfect innings on Friday, as he pitched around two singles in the third and left runners stranded in the fourth as well. Hernandez pitched into the seventh inning before coming out of the game. He had a very good outing. 

Manager Dave Trembley commented saying, “He just never stopped throwing strikes. He just kept repeating his delivery and commanding his fastball.” Trembley really loved the way Hernandez changed the speeds on his breaking ball though. He thought that was very hard to catch on to.



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Complete O’s rant, (Covering the O’s head to toe)


                                               Here are the reason’s for one                                          



                                                        To be in the     


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Wake up O’s!

The Orioles offense was blistering Thursday night scoring two runs against the Angles. One off of Matt Wieters RBI single, and another off of Luke Scott’s 16 HR of the year.


On the other side, Jeremy Guthrie pitched pretty well except for giving up two HR’s to Bobby Abreu, a solo shot in the fourth, and a three run shot in the fifth.











C’mon O’s wake up! You got to get the offense going. The pitching is getting there. You just have got to get the wheels turning! We are almost there.


In other news, Melvin Mora asked for a day off yesterday night as his homerless games streak is at 43. I think he is down and out right now. He needs to just go back to the basics… He needs to see the ball better and pick better pitches to hit.


With Uehara out, the O’s want to possibly bring up prospect Chris Tillman who is currently playing in the triple-a international all star game. 


Luke Scott is on a role now, bumping his HR total up to 16 now. He is leading the team in HR’s. Maybe if all the Orioles would just hit like him, they would win a few games?


340x.jpg                                                          Well what more can I say, Brian Roberts looks like he is still slumping as he looks like he is throwing the towel in. Roberts went 0-4 last night, and watched a fastball in an 0-2 count go right down the middle for strike three.

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O’s Win! O’s Win! Biggest Comeback In Club History!

Tuesday night at Oriole Park in Camden Yards. Dave Trembley commented on the win saying,

“That was just tremendous. It was by far the best game I have been involved in.”

With the O’s down and their starters out, the first O’s hitters of the seventh inning made it an eight run deficit, (score was 10-1 before). Oscar Salazar then came to the plate and mashed a three run home run making the score 10-6 by the end of the inning.


The eighth inning, the O’s struck again, when the first three O’s batters got singles off of Hideki Okajima. Next, rookie Matt Wieters came up to the dish and singled home starting LF Nolan Reimold. Score now 10-7, Ty Wiggington hit a sac fly to make it 10-8 Red Sox. Brian Roberts, who was slumping knocked a single down the third base line, scoring another run making it 10-9 Red Sox. After Felix Pie came up and struck out, it was Nick Markakis. Markakis got a great pitch, and sent it into the left center field gap, bringing home two runs, and giving the O’s the lead.

rnj-orioles-custom_2.jpgGeorge Sherrill got to close it out for the O’s, who almost lost it. But retired the side. He gave up a single to the leadoff Sox hitter. Then set down Lugo and Pedroia before beaning Youkillis who had an HR earlier in the game. With runners on first and second, Sherrill struck out Bay, and the O’s went nuts! Sherrill got his 17 save of the year, while the O’s came onto the field to celebrate! And can I say what a win it was for the O’s. That was very exciting and now I believe. Until next time…. GO O’s!!!! 🙂

Jones leaves game after running into wall, O’s slumping… again

Adam Jones sprinted to the center field wall in anticipation to catch Kevin “Youk” Youkillis’ home run ball, but instead he hit the wall full force and had the wind knocked out of him. Jones stayed in the game for the second inning until Orioles skipper Dave Trembley pulled him for precautions, with the Sox already winning 4-0. Felix Pie was put in to fill his spot and almost immediately contributed with an RBI triple in the bottom of the third. Although Jones was okay. the Orioles aren’t.
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