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Bartender, Jack! Walk-off style…

The O’s were tied three three in the bottom of the 12th inning and Melvin Mora came up to bat. You could see in his eyes, that he wanted to end the game. Melvin got a hanger and jacked it into the right centerfield bleachers to end the game. The funny part, was when he came to home plate, he slid in instead of jumping on home plate or any other of those regular routines. I gotta give you a pat on the back Melvin.


Melvin Mora, was in one of the biggest slumps of his career going 50 games without going yard, until he hit a big time home run yesterday night against the Jays. So, in your face Ricky Romero! How does a No decision feel?


Birdland’s thoughts:

  • Tonight will see Brad Bergesen, who turned in another quality start last outing against Marc Rzepczynski who’s name I can’t pronounce. Rzepczynski went six strong giving up one earned so the O’s need to jump on him in the early goings and make him breakdown.

  • Luke Scott is now at 11 games in his hit streak, as he leads the O’s in home runs (18) and is hitting .357 (15-42) during his streak.

  • The O’s have lost twelve series’ as well as won twelve series’ in the first half of the year along with splitting four of them.

Birdland’s thought of the day

Melvin Mora just snapped a 50 game homerless streak in which he went 189 at bats before he hit the walk off shot last night. Mora, who has 5 HR on the year, could turn the season around starting now. Other things that remind me of Melvin Mora,










Kirk Gibson, in when he hit his walk off HR against the A’s in the 88′ world series as he had both knees injured and had the flu. It was one of the most memorable moments in baseball history but it reminds me of Melvin because they were both so old when they hit HR’s.













50 cent because he is worth 50 Cents and Melvin Mora is too. Haha Just kidding, Melvin Mora went 50 games without hitting a homer so that is how I tie these two together.

Uncle Rico.jpg















I hope you have all seen Napoleon Dynamite! Uncle Rico is one of the funniest characters in the movie, and he and Napoleon fight all of the time. The connection I get, is Rico is a conman and he goes around in the movie selling 50 piece sets. Melvin Mora again ended his 50 game a piece home run drought.












This one isn’t meant to be funny! RIP Michael Jackson died at age 50 of a heart attack, but there could have been another cause of his death. We lost an icon, and nobody ever cared about Michael Jackson for the past 5 years until he died, and everybody went down with him. That is so sad that people treated Michael so badly, all he wanted to do was to be a normal person but he never was excepted. That is how I tie him in with Melvin Mora.

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Complete O’s rant, (Covering the O’s head to toe)


                                               Here are the reason’s for one                                          



                                                        To be in the     


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Wake up O’s!

The Orioles offense was blistering Thursday night scoring two runs against the Angles. One off of Matt Wieters RBI single, and another off of Luke Scott’s 16 HR of the year.


On the other side, Jeremy Guthrie pitched pretty well except for giving up two HR’s to Bobby Abreu, a solo shot in the fourth, and a three run shot in the fifth.











C’mon O’s wake up! You got to get the offense going. The pitching is getting there. You just have got to get the wheels turning! We are almost there.


In other news, Melvin Mora asked for a day off yesterday night as his homerless games streak is at 43. I think he is down and out right now. He needs to just go back to the basics… He needs to see the ball better and pick better pitches to hit.


With Uehara out, the O’s want to possibly bring up prospect Chris Tillman who is currently playing in the triple-a international all star game. 


Luke Scott is on a role now, bumping his HR total up to 16 now. He is leading the team in HR’s. Maybe if all the Orioles would just hit like him, they would win a few games?


340x.jpg                                                          Well what more can I say, Brian Roberts looks like he is still slumping as he looks like he is throwing the towel in. Roberts went 0-4 last night, and watched a fastball in an 0-2 count go right down the middle for strike three.

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Jones leaves game after running into wall, O’s slumping… again

Adam Jones sprinted to the center field wall in anticipation to catch Kevin “Youk” Youkillis’ home run ball, but instead he hit the wall full force and had the wind knocked out of him. Jones stayed in the game for the second inning until Orioles skipper Dave Trembley pulled him for precautions, with the Sox already winning 4-0. Felix Pie was put in to fill his spot and almost immediately contributed with an RBI triple in the bottom of the third. Although Jones was okay. the Orioles aren’t.
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Vote O’s! Trades? Oh no……

C’mon people out there. We need you all to vote for the Orioles duo, (Markakis and Jones) to get into the All Star Game. They are almost the same in every category, and in fantasy they are one point apart. So why not vote Orange? Brian Roberts needs a push too, but he will most likely not get it due to the fact Pedroia is all publicity now…. So we need all of you to get at least one, yes one O in the All Star Game (ASG).
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