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Is it just me?

Is it just me, or do any other O’s fans out there wanna just rip Trembley’s head off?





                                                                       The O’s can never be consistant! I just have to blame that on Dave Trembley. I think that the O’s pitching is pretty decent. They have some good prospects coming out of the farm and I think they should give them the call up to the MLB for a few outings. Bergesen has been good. Very good.












If all of the O’s pitching could be like Brad Bergesen there would be no problem. But, most of the starting rotation is shaky, and the bullpen… Lord knows! And the O’s offense, wow. Brian Roberts is in one of the biggest slumps in his career, and he struck out twice last night, which he rarely does.




The thing that really makes me ticked is that Trembley is having a good old time in the dugout each game and doesn’t ever make a change about the O’s offense.


If he doesn’t turn the O’s around soon, they will find someone who will. My suggestion is

1. Talk to your guys, tell em’ to start playing a little harder.

2. Get Brian Roberts, (Your Leader) to get back to the way he normally is. 

3. Get the pitching started up so that will trigger the Offense. 

4. Finally, please take more action!

What a weiner.



C’mon O’s! Let’s start winning some games! Thanks for your time! Please comment. 🙂 and remember to watch tonight’s game vs. LA!


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