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You can keep Rolen away from us!

The O’s are facing the Jays in a three game series starting tonight at 7:05 in Camden Yards! Finally the O’s are off of their road trip in which they went (3-4) which was not bad for them, seeing as how they have done worse. Way worse! Now they get to come home where they have a winning record. The good news is Roy Halladay the Jays ace will be nowhere in site as last night he pitched and took the loss.

Good news for the O’s is that SS Cesar Izturis will make his return to the O’s tonight as he has been out since June 7 and the O’s have missed him. He was batting .260 with 1 HR and 13 RBI with nine swipes at the time of his injury. Now the O’s will have a stronger lineup and a stronger infield!

Pitching tonight for the O’s is Jason Berken (1-5, 6.25) who has been plagued by the long ball. He looks to follow up a halfway decent outing, but hasn’t made it past the sixth in six of his last seven outings. Ouch. Berken won’t have it easy tonight, nor will any O’s pitcher as they face the terrid Jays lineup in which Scott Rolen is “rollin'” and doesn’t seem to slow down any time soon! He is on a 25 game hit streak which he has been riding since late June.


Keep him away! IN other O’s news, Aubrey Huff pulled his groin while being caught between first and second in the O’s 5-3 win over the M’s. With this loss to the O’s lineup, they could have a significant drought, as Huff has been on fire as of late. He has 11 HR and 55 RBI which sets the pace for the O’s. He has been the leader as of late, and without him, someone else will need to step it up! Who will it be?…
















Manager Dave Trembley recieved a two game suspension for his actions following an ejection. Trembley raced back out onto the field and kept arguing with umpire Tom Hallion. MLB docked him an undisclosed amount of money and a two game suspension for his actions. “I was getting my team fired up.” said Trembley, “And it worked. We came back in the ninth and won!”

I am going to start a new section in my blog today called,

Birdland’s thoughts

  • Manager Dave Trembley is starting to catch my eye, as he made me a fan when he kept arguing with umpire Tom Hallion. Not only did he fire up his team, he got the O’s GM thinking about keeping him.
  • Cesar Izturis will be happily welcomed back into the O’s family as he will get the start making his return to the galliant infield. He will even it out, as he is one of the better defensive SS in the MLB
  • Aubrey Huff has strained his groin and that will take a big effect on the O’s offense. The O’s need to keep it going without Huff if they wanna still win games.


Birdland’s thought of the day

  • Scott Rolen can keep on ROLLIN, just… keep us away. Rolen is on a 25 game hit streak, and doesn’t look like he is slowing down. He is as good as…..














No… not them! Maybe,









NO not Buckner! C’mon get real here.

















Yes! Finally, the Rolling Stones! Scott Rolen and the Rolling stones have many things in common.

1. They both are Rolling

2. They both are as old as stones

3. They both have been in ST. Louis

4. They both can hit. Scott Rolen is on a 25 game hit streak, The Rolling Stones can hit on women. Same Difference! 😉



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